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welcome to our shop,
we're so happy you're here! 

The goal of Bunny's Cake Shop is to share in the experience of creativity, warm friendships, and great natural food.  


We are a licensed cottage bakery and our friendly team is dedicated to making quality, vegan baked-goods. Our treats give you a delicious and organic way to satisfy that sweettooth. We also provide gluten-free options with delivery in most parts of Austin, Texas as well as pick-up options at our Partner cafes, including Barrett's Coffee & Double Trouble Cafe.


With that said, we really look forward to baking you and yours some yummy treats!

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Contact Us

contact us

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we'd love to hear from you, write us:

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bakery phone: (512)-766-7481  |  email:

the yummy details

the yummy details
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cane sugar

organic fruits

gluten-free flour

golden flax seeds

vegan ingredients

extra virgin olive oil

cornstarch / potato starch

almond milk (substitutes available)

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Our baking facility premise contains:

tree nuts


citrus fruits

sesame seeds

seeded fruits

dark chocolate

love muffins

warm, delicious, & soft muffin cake mixed with organic fruits & lots of love.


mini donuts

yummy donuts. freshly-baked & never fried. topped with sweet glaze or keep it "plain jane."

bcs_carrot cake donuts_4_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

lush squares

take a bite of luscious cake mixed with your choice of dark cocoa or organic fruits.


mini cupcakes

soft , fluffy, & delicious cupcakes in a variety of flavors. topped with vegan & gf frosting. 

NEW_ dark cocolate 4.jpg

lush bites

the mini version of our lush squares. lil' cakes made with organic fruits & fresh spices.

BCS_lush bite trio (1).png

mini cookies

moist, chewy, & oh so yummy. available in classic flavors.

chocolate chip cookies for site.jpg

sweetie /cutie pies

freshly-baked with a yummy flaky crust and your choice of organic, baked fruit. (gluten-free upon request).

blueberry sweetie pie 2 (whole baked pie).jpg

mini loaves

fun, decadent, and swirled with homemade spices.

bcs_raspberry loaf _no site_edited.jpg

mini cakes 

deliciously dense vegan & gf cake made with your choice of frosting & cake flavors.


cupcake paintings

the sweetest lil' keepsake.  custom acrylic paintings on a mini wood canvas.

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